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Join our 45-day Construction Challenge in the Philippines!

Volunteers from Projects Abroad team up during our construction challenge in the Philippines.

Are you ready to be a part of our extraordinary 45-day short-term Building Project in the Philippines?

Starting on 3rd September 2018, volunteers will work together for the next 45 days to expand our physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in the north of Cebu.

There is an urgent need to expand the centre, because the patient list is constantly growing since we opened this centre in July 2016. As the only physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in this region that offers free services, many people with disabilities that live in nearby communities rely on the centre for treatment. What started as a centre catering to five children with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus has expanded to treat 89 patients with a wide variety of disabilities.

Our goal is to expand the centre by 2m x 6m, creating extra space for equipment and treatment sessions with patients. A larger centre means that our Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy volunteers can cater to even more patients, helping to improve their daily functioning and quality of life.

To make this happen, we need your help.

We need your help for our construction challenge in the Philippines

A Physiotherapy intern works with a patient at the rehabilitation centre where the Projects Abroad short-term Building Project will take place

This short-term Building Project in the Philippines is your chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of people living with disabilities. You will see the tangible results of your work in a short period of time.

Depending on when you arrive at the project, you’ll get to help with tasks like:

  • Mixing concrete
  • Building and plastering walls
  • Installing doors
  • Installing ceiling frames
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint

You don’t need any qualifications or experience to join. Local builders and artisans will teach you all you need to know to contribute fully. You can volunteer for anywhere between one week to the full 45 days. No matter how long or how short you volunteer for, every bit of work helps bring us closer to our goal.

The more volunteers that sign up for the short-term Building Project, the quicker we’ll reach our goal. With your help, we can reach more patients and make an even greater impact.

Sign up for our Building Project in the Philippines now, and take part in this challenge between the beginning of September and mid-October 2018.

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